We noticed that you are using a screen reader. Welcome to Dakabibi.org where you can excite your brain with daily math puzzles. To play, use the available tiles to fill in each open box to either create a valid equation or to create an expression that meets an objective of maximize, minimize, or approach zero. You can use the tab key to navigate through the site and enter to place and remove tiles. Use the check button to see if your answer is a valid solution.

Today's Puzzle

How to play

A Dakabibi has two modes of play. The first is to create an equation or inequality that is valid with the available tiles. The second is to meet an objective to either maximize, minimize, or approach zero by arranging the numeric tiles in the expression.


  • The available tiles can only be used once.
  • All boxes must be filled in.
  • Negative numbers may only be used in the first digit of a multi-digit number.
  • Numbers with more than one digit before a decimal may not begin with a 0.
  • It is possible for a Dakabibi to have multiple correct solutions.

About Dakabibi

Dakabibi refers to a puzzle with a set of numbers and several empty boxes that need to be filled while meeting certain conditions. For example: using the digits 0 through 9 at most once, fill in the boxes of the following expression to make a difference that is as large as possible.

Dakabibi Example

The term Dakabibi comes from the Twi phrase "adaka a bibiara ɛni mu," which translates literally to "a box that everything is not inside."

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